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Hi, I'm Alya Halim. I babysit, bake and eat, design, collect postcards, mumble, rant, and repeat for living. Feel free to follow =)

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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I Stalk These Great People

Well, I can say I had the best moment while I were in my diploma years in Malacca.  I never had a close friend, in fact I have BEST FRIENDS whom I called them as my BEASTIES (Beast + Besties). Why beast? Because they like to do random things and dare to go beyond boundaries, more than what I expected.

Staying up late, last minute projects, food-hunting, crazy-modeling-pose, random talking and arguments, short-trip to other countries, aaaahhhh, so many to list yet so many things that I wanted to do with them, AGAIN.

"Only the language they speak is different, they all have ONE heart. Right, Hottests!" - Junsu, 2PM


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"Love is in the sky, I’m feeling so alive"- Jun K

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Awww, cutie pie. Is this a dog or a bird? Coz the fur looks like feathers. HAHA ^^

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There goes another genius. RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for the iMac.

Twins of Jayesslee^^ Janice & Sonia Lee. Beautiful ladies with beautiful voice. Please write great songs!!!! and I’m eager and looking forward for their album.

Oooooh, T.O.P is definitely is hotter in this version of “SORRY" Gummy…Blonde makes him looks younger…LOL ^^